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  • Coping Mechanisms

    Coping Mechanisms

    A pilot study of 10 women with post breast cancer lymphedema reported concern over the betrayal of their body, abandonment of medicine (unsympathetic doctors, limited knowledge or conflicting information provided), concealing an imperfect body image through inadequate clothing or elastic sleeves, and managing the interruption of a normal flow of life. –Living with Lymphedema A […] Read more

  • Nutrition & Lymphedema

    Nutrition & Lymphedema

    There are many misconceptions concerning which foods to eat and which to avoid when you have lymphedema. Some people recommend steering clear of sodium, others say protein. Some people even say to reduce fluid intake! What’s a lymphie to do!? Have no fear – I’ve done a little research on the topic of nutrition and […] Read more

  • Going Dancing?

    Going Dancing?

    I put together a list of advice that will hopefully help you to have a great time without worrying about your lymphedema. Read more

  • Excuses, excuses

    Excuses, excuses

    Today I got an email from a fantastic reader (hi, Aria!) who asked me a lot of questions. They were really good ones, ones that will definitely serve as prompts for future posts. One of her questions that I wanted to address was about how to explain lymphedema to your friends. It’s a big issue […] Read more

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