LympheDIVAs pattern swatches

As some of you already know, I receive newsletters from a couple lymphedema product suppliers – mainly Lymphedema Products and LympheDIVAs – and I like to share when they announce special sales and promotions. I don’t have lymphedema in my arms, so unfortunately I can’t take advantage of LympheDIVAs awesome variety of patterns and colors. Howeverrrrrr – I know that some of you have that, and I think you would be silly not to get one of these beautiful sleeves! (I am slightly obsessed with the leopard print one.)

You can go to Lymphedema Products to purchase a LympheDIVAs garment (they’ve got all 76 patterns), or the LympheDIVAs online store, which has all the patterns plus special promotions where you can buy sleeves and gauntlets in a package deal.

If you purchase any or already own a pair, please send in a photo of you showing it off so I can post it on the site! Contact me at