The warm weather, that is.

Where I live in Vermont, it has crawled into the 70s and 80s already. Yesterday, I got my first sunburn! Has nature forgotten that it’s only MARCH? Yikes.

Today, though, I’m prepared: I donned my compression garments, put on a pair of linen pants, and a light top. I’m a little nervous about how I’ll feel after a couple of days of this heat, because the stockings make my legs even hotter and more uncomfortable – it’s sort of a vicious cycle, isn’t it? – but my health has to come before comfort. (At least that’s what I keep telling myself.)

Last year in Vermont, we got snow in May, so here’s to hoping there’s a few more days of chilly weather before summer stays for good..!

Has it begun warming up where you live? What are you doing to beat the heat?