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  • Beat the Heat with these Lymphedema Summer Safety Tips!

    Beat the Heat with these Lymphedema Summer Safety Tips!

    The heat doesn’t mean you have to stay inside all summer long — there are lots of things you can do to enjoy your summer to the fullest while staying safe and healthy!

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  • Summer Tips & Promises

    Summer Tips & Promises

    It’s June, lymphies! Can you believe it? This year is already halfway over; it’s amazing how quickly the months pass. I wish I could be as excited about the summer as everyone else seems to be, but I’m already a little panicky. We’re right at the cusp of one of the most uncomfortable seasons for…

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  • It has begun..

    The warm weather, that is. Where I live in Vermont, it has crawled into the 70s and 80s already. Yesterday, I got my first sunburn! Has nature forgotten that it’s only MARCH? Yikes. Today, though, I’m prepared: I donned my compression garments, put on a pair of linen pants, and a light top. I’m a little…

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  • Cool Tips for Summer

    Cool Tips for Summer

    Summer’s here! This is a lot of people’s favorite season for a reason, although the increased heat can be difficult on lymphies. Before you go out into the sun, it’s important to keep in mind that people with lymphedema are more susceptible to risks brought on by the heat. Have no fear, though! There are…

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  • Apologies!!


    Hey, everyone. I am so sorry for the lack of updates lately – we have no internet access in my apartment and so the only way I get to post and check my email is through my phone. We should be getting internet back soon, but in the meantime there will be a sort of…

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