Disclosure: Each product is selected by me, a lymphedema patient, with my fellow lymphies in mind. To help support the blog, this post includes affiliate and referral links, which means I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you buy something through these links.

The holiday season is upon us and, if you’re anything like me, you may be scrambling for some last-minute gifts for friends and family.

Although I can’t help you decide what to buy your Great Aunt Freida, I can offer some suggestions for the lymphies in your life. In fact, I’ve made a list (and checked it twice) — give it a look below!

Gifts for newly diagnosed lymphies

There’s no official user’s manual for lymphedema, but there is something that comes pretty close: The Complete Lymphedema Management and Nutrition Guide: Empowering Strategies, Supporting Recipes and Therapeutic Exercises. Co-authored by a registered dietitian and a certified lymphedema therapist, this book is a thorough resource on all things lymphedema and its treatment, making it a valuable reference for anyone with lymphedema.

Another must-have for the newly diagnosed is the LimbO Waterproof Protector. Chances are good your friend may be going through some rounds of complete decongestive therapy, and this durable waterproof sleeve will keep their wraps and bandages safe and dry while bathing. Needless to say, this is an easier alternative to the usual duct-tape-and-garbage-bags method — more effective, too.

Two more useful additions to any lymphie’s toolkit are the Trampolette and the Rollerette from KCL Therapeutics. The Trampolette is a small rebounder that encourages lymphatic flow through decongestive exercise, and the Rollerette is a soft tissue massage roller that gently relieves painful swelling. Both are an easy, comfortable way to get lymph fluid moving while at home or in the office.

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Gifts for lymphies who love to read

Stock your friend’s lymphie library with some new books! Certified lymphedema therapist Kathleen Lisson has written a number of well-researched books on lymphedema and lipedema, including Lipedema Treatment Guide: A Certified Lymphedema Therapist’s Advice for her Clients with Lipedema and Swollen, Bloated and Puffy: A Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist’s Guide to Reducing Swelling in the Face and Body. Her writing style is conversational yet authoritative, which makes her books a joy to read while still offering valuable insights and advice.

For a patient’s perspective, I recommend Lymphedema After Cancer by Anna Maisetti. Maisetti developed secondary lymphedema as a result of cancer treatment, and the book details her experiences with diagnosis, treatment, and acceptance. She speaks with such vulnerability and warmth that it’s almost like listening to one of your own friends. A lot of lymphies may find comfort and encouragement in her story, especially if they’re going through a difficult time with their lymphedema and are in need of an inspirational pick-me-up.

Another must-read is Amy Rivera’s book, Drop the Skirt: How My Disability Became My Superpower. Rivera, often referred to as “the beauty queen with a big leg,” has overcome incredible obstacles throughout her lymphedema journey and turned her pain into purpose. Now, she’s an advocate for fellow lymphedema patients and a north star for those in need through her foundation, Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation.

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Gifts for lymphie fashionistas

Lymphedema often makes it difficult to find fashionable clothes, let alone items that fit. However, there are lymphie-friendly options out there to delight your stylish and slightly swollen friends.

The woman-owned company Pandere offers adjustable footwear that’s designed with lymphies in mind — literally. Co-founder Laura Oden has lymphedema herself, so she understands firsthand the need for an adaptable shoe that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. With shoes in a variety of styles and colors, your friend will no longer be forced to choose between fashion and function.

And what about the lymphedema patient’s signature piece, the compression garment? Just because they’re medically necessary doesn’t mean they need to be boring: upper extremity lymphies can rock a colorful LympheDIVAs sleeve for almost every mood or style, while lower extremity lymphies can dress things up by wearing Xpandasox over their garments or bandages.

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Gifts for lymphies who like to relax

For folks with lower extremity lymphedema, staying elevated has never been easier while using the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest. With a patented shape designed specifically for comfort and relief, the Lounge Doctor is an excellent way for lymphies to relax and let gravity do its thing.

Speaking of relaxing — what better way to unwind than with a warm beverage? Whether your friend likes to start the day with a fresh cup of coffee or wind down in the evening with a cup of herbal tea, a cheerful mug from The Lymphie Life will keep any lymphie’s mood elevated. (Did I mention they feature doodles and designs by yours truly?)

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Gifts for lymphies in need

In the flurry of gift-giving and holiday merrymaking, it’s important we don’t forget our community members in need.

If you’re planning on donating this holiday season, please consider supporting one of these lymphedema- or lipedema-related organizations:

You can also visit https://thelymphielife.com/links/#orgs-groups for a list of even more local — and global — organizations, associations, and groups that would love your support, no matter what time of year.

How about you — what lymphie-friendly gifts are on your list?

This post was updated on December 14, 2021.