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Are you a recently diagnosed patient looking to learn more about lipedema? Maybe you’ve had lipedema for years and are curious about your treatment options — or maybe someone you care about has lipedema, and you’re hoping to better understand their experience.

Whatever the reason, you may want to pick up the Lipedema Treatment Guide: A Certified Lymphedema Therapist’s Advice for her Clients with Lipedema, the latest book from Kathleen Lisson, CMT, CLT.

Like Swollen, Bloated and Puffy before it, Lipedema Treatment Guide is educational, insightful, and robust — the kind of book you read with a highlighter in one hand, pen in the other.

Grounded in research and peppered with the personal experiences of Lisson and lipedema patients, the book covers a wide breadth of topics related to lipedema and its treatment in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.

Its 300-odd pages are organized into three parts: lipedema (what it is and its effects), self-care for lipedema (treatment options, living with lipedema, etc.), and surgical interventions for lipedema. In addition to the table of contents, Lisson includes an index of reference pages for readers to quickly find answers to a variety of concerns, such as:

I love this feature: it’s as though Lisson anticipates exactly what patients wish to know about living with lipedema before they ask, or maybe even know how to ask.

Part of what makes this book feel so authentically attuned to patient needs is the inclusion of real patient perspectives. There is nothing like reading the words of a fellow patient and getting that jolt of “Oh, my gosh — I thought I was the only one who felt this way,” or being inspired by the uplifting testimony of a person who’s re-learned how to love their body, lipedema and all. There is a lot of power in knowing you are not alone in your struggles — and in your triumphs, too.

Taking notes in the

Lipedema Treatment Guide also functions as a workbook: Lisson includes writing prompts throughout that encourage the reader to reflect on their treatment and plan ways to integrate new techniques into their routine. This interactive aspect makes the book a valuable exercise in personal exploration: not only does the reader learn about lipedema, but also about themselves. It’s a great way to help the reader process what they’re reading and anchor them in what can feel like a sea of information.

My recommendation

Lipedema Treatment Guide is a comprehensive resource on nearly every aspect of lipedema. Written in Lisson’s conversational voice, the book is an accessible and encouraging read, making it a must-have for newly-diagnosed patients and their loved ones to better understand lipedema and its treatment options.

Lipedema is painful and exhausting, and not just physically: the frustrations of living with a frequently misunderstood disease can wear a person down mentally and emotionally, too. A book such as this validates a patient’s experience and offers solutions, and can provide a lot of comfort and inspiration along the way.

Reading through the Lipedema Treatment Guide, it’s clear that Lisson has immense respect for lipedema patients and is invested in their well-being. So much of lipedema treatment is dependent on the patient themselves; this book will hopefully make that reality less overwhelming.

Where to purchase

If you’d like to add Lipedema Treatment Guide to your library, it’s available for purchase on Amazon.com in both paperback and e-book formats.

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