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“So is this blog going to be updated anytime soon, or what?”

Short answer: yes! Here's what's been going on.

Hey everyone,

I wanted to drop a note and acknowledge the lack of posts on the blog these past few months.

As some of you already know, The Lymphie Life is a one-woman-show. For every blog post I write, I also do background research and conduct interviews, write and edit (and rewrite) the drafts, create graphics, run the social media accounts – all while working my actual full time job, maintaining my personal relationships, and managing my lymphedema.

It’s exhausting, and I’m super burnt out. You probably are, too: we’re all trying to scramble towards some sort of balance in our lymphie lives, and sometimes it can be a struggle.

With that said, I want to be transparent about what’s going on with me. I’m still here, the blog’s still here – it’s just on a temporary hiatus as I develop a routine that allows me to write posts at a realistic pace while also taking care of my own health and well-being. It feels difficult right now, but I’m getting there.

I love writing, and I’m so very appreciative of those who read along. I’ve got three or four different drafts in various stages of completion right now on some very cool topics, and hope to get those out over the next few weeks. (Emails, too – I’m soo behind on those and I apologize!) In the meantime, I do try to post regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so please connect with me there if you’d like.

Thank you so much for bearing with me. Hope you’re taking care of yourselves, too.

Be well and #StayElevated,


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8 comments on ““So is this blog going to be updated anytime soon, or what?”

  1. Take care of yourself, that’s the most important thing right now! Looking forward to your next post, when the time is right for you. 🤗🤗🤗

  2. Julia Archibeque-Guerra

    I also follow you on Facebook and always look forward to your posts.. I even “steal” some of your posts to share with my friends. 😍
    It is difficult to hold down a full time job and manage our lymphedema; try to maintain personal relationships with family and friends; and then write a blog … you are amazing!
    I appreciate all that you do for us lymphies! You have provided us with an important resource… and all with your personal touch and flair.
    Stay healthy and elevated! 😍

  3. So appreciative of your blog. Would you ever consider guest bloggers, excerpts from related articles and books, inspirationl sayings or sharing other news so you did not have to carry the responsibility alone? Taking care of yourself is vital!!! And thanks for your good work

  4. Rosemary Reaume

    Take care of your health! I have had lymphedema all of my life and never received my diagnosis until age 50. I am 67 now. I always pushed myself way too hard and suffered for it! I am a social worker and felt a calling to help mentally ill which I did for 42 yrs. But you can’t help anyone if you are sick and in pain. God bless you for all that you do!

  5. Deb SOmersBaker

    How does one fight the insurance companies – Always have had to have custom compression and when I lived in NY they had grants and funds to help – nothing here in NC that I know of.

  6. MJ Bradlee

    Glad to hear that there will be updates! After 20 years, I was finally diagnosed with lymphedema. Not happy, but glad to find out after years of being told it was my weight or my heart. I went in search of answers, as you know there is not much out there. Finding you was very reassuring. I’m glad that the blog is here. You helped reassure me that I am not crazy & that I can cope. Thank you!

  7. Wow, I had no idea you did this by yourself and worked full time as well. Thanks for letting us know that. I’ll be following you on FB. Take care of yourself and thanks for all the hard work.

  8. Sr Janet Wingert, CSR

    Thank you Alexa for writing this blog. I really enjoy your sharings and to know there are others out there dealing with Lymphedema, cellulitis etc
    Please take care of yourself. You are needed and enjoyed by many.
    Be well and thank you from all of us.
    Sr JanetCSR

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