2016 resolutions
Some of my 2016 resolutions.

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe we’re already in the first few days of 2016—so exciting!!

I love the new year because it’s such a restorative time, a perfect opportunity to reflect on the past and set intentions for the months ahead. As silly as it can be, I’m definitely one of those people who loves writing out my resolutions for the new year; it’s kind of a ritual for me to sit with myself and really think them through. For my 2016 Resolutions, I broke them down into categories like “lymphedema,” “work,” “relationships,” “self”… (It goes on and on, because I’m kind of list-obsessed. Apps like Wunderlist and Google Keep are great for keeping it all organized!). Writing them down is an important part of the process for me, because it helps solidify my commitment to them while also keeping me accountable, even if it’s just to myself.

One of my biggest resolutions this year is to regularly update the blog and its social media accounts. It’s been hard lately to keep up—I recently returned to school as a full-time student while also working a couple part-time jobs and freelance gigs—but this is important to me, and I need to be proactive in making it a priority again. I love being busy, but something’s not working when I can’t give ample attention to all of my priorities! (“Better time management” is another one of my resolutions.) I’m mentioning this because I’m hoping you all can help keep me accountable on this one! ;)

For us lymphies, the new year is a great time to look at our health habits—both physical and mental—and see what we need to work on, and what we can carry over with us into the new year. While we examine ourselves and pick out the things we want to change, it’s important to remember to do this from a place of self-love. In addition to recognizing what we want to do differently, it’s good to also acknowledge the growth we have accomplished. This is a rejuvenating time, not a punitive one!

In honor of the new year, I’ve come up with four resolutions for lymphies to take into 2016. Feel free to share some of your own in the comments section!

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New Year’s Resolutions for Lymphies

There are certainly days where these resolutions are easier said than done. There is an element of grieving when living with a chronic medical condition that can make it difficult to navigate through the fog, and I am by no means discounting that—I get stuck in that fog, too. But by taking a more proactive and intentional role in our self-care, we can be our own beacons of light and guide ourselves through. Our light can help guide others, too.

I am so grateful to embark on yet another year with you all. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and bright new year, and remember: stay elevated!

happy new year 2016

What are some of your resolutions for the new year? How do you plan on keeping them?