This morning’s appointment was really good, although it wasn’t quite what I had expected.

For this appointment, I was seen by a different therapist than last week. The new therapist (we’ll call her B) was super sweet and introduced herself before asking me some questions about my history with lymphedema. Then she told me that today she would be evaluating my leg before we kick-start the month of wrapping next week.

Waaait… what?

Start wrapping next week? For a month?? I was sure my doctor had told me that today would be the day I’d start wrapping, and that it would be for seven days. What happened to only needing a little tune-up?!

I shared my confusion with B and she checked my charts to confirm. Yup—I’m down for a month. I guess I zoned out for a second or something on Friday and misheard, but once the initial shock wore off I was kind of excited. I’ve done month-long wrapping sessions before, and it always turns out to be worthwhile. The fit of the garment is a lot better, and as a result, my leg feels a lot better, too.

B took measurements of both my legs and told me that my lymphie leg appears to be doing well. There’s no pitting or fibrosis—instead it has a good “doughy” feel. As long as I take care of it, she said, it should be able to be maintained and not get much worse. This new garment will be a big help in my doing that.

So here’s what the next month will look like for me: Starting Monday, I’m coming in five days a week for the next two weeks for wrapping and massage. After two weeks, my swelling will be reduced enough to where I can be measured and fitted for a new compression garment. I’ll come in three days a week for the last two weeks to continue wrapping; that way, the swelling is kept under control until the new garment arrives.

Just typing all that out felt exhausting, but really, I’m looking forward to it. In addition to the wrapping and massage, B will be giving me a refresher course in manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging techniques, and all that other good stuff, so… get ready for a bunch of posts over the next few weeks! ;)

Although I didn’t get to start wrapping today like I originally had thought, I’m glad today’s appointment turned out the way that it did. Isn’t it funny when that happens? At first I was a little upset because having my leg wrapped for a month can be a little limiting, not to mention having to go to sixteen (!) appointments. But once I let go and realized that the inconveniences are worth it for my health, I felt a lot better. It’s the beauty of remaining open and willing to do what’s needed to take care of oneself.