“The Lymphie Life” Comic

During the spring semester I took a sequential art class, where I practiced drawing things like comic strips, story boards, and graphic novels. I saw it as a great opportunity to do something Lymphie-related and soon came up with a short story about a teenage girl, Minnie, who has lymphedema in her leg. She’s incredibly self-conscious about it, and when she realizes that she has to sit next to her crush, Reese, in English class, she freaks out; if he notices her swollen leg, he’ll be so repulsed that he’ll never want anything to do with her again!

The comic itself is a little rough and there are some errant ink splotches.. perhaps someday I’ll work on a more cleaned-up version. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

Click on the first image to begin the carousel.

7 comments on ““The Lymphie Life” Comic

  1. Reblogged this on Things Through My Eyes and commented:
    I love coming to this blog because Alexa has been going some of things that I face daily. Thanks Alexa for all your blogging on having Lymphedema as well!

  2. OH MY GOD!!!! I love this!!!!!!! You did such an amazing job :)

  3. I’ve taken a couple of comics classes and I have to say, you did an AMAZING job! From the drawings, to the panel choices, and the story itself, it’s easy to see that you put a lot of time and effort into it! Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Wow!! That is awesome. Very talented.

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