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LympheDIVAS new patterns are in!

LympheDIVAS have just released their Spring Patterns, and they are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. What’s even better is that you can get free shipping on any of these new patterns between now and May 8th – just enter the code MAY12FLOWERS at checkout.

Click on any of the images to be taken to the product page:

What I want to know is when will LympheDIVAS begin making stockings? I’d love to get in on these patterns!

5 comments on “LympheDIVAS new patterns are in!

  1. i agree, I’d LOVE to don a pair of any of those garment patterns on my legs. Perhaps, we should write a letter to the company requesting that they make those type of garments for people with lymphedema of the legs.

  2. Yes, why don’t they make stockings? I’ve even emailed the company to ask – with no reply. We want bling!

  3. I’m a cancer survivor but my problem is also my right leg. Why don’t they make compression stockings like these awesome ones for the legs? I am 23 years old, and want something fun. If I have to live with this stuff for the rest of my life, I at least want to have some fun with it. Pleaseeeeeeee pleaseeeeee pleaseeeeeee make these for legs too!!!!!!!

  4. The web site now says that they’ll be “moving on to other parts of the body,” but I guess they still haven’t formally made any yet. Sigh.

  5. hi, i too am a cancer survivor, with a lymphadaemic right leg, i would love love love to wear these awesome patterned stockings, i was so excited when i saw them, i have been wearing dull brown and black stockings every day for seven years, and its time for some full colour now. please make them bright and beautiful for us ladies with lymphi legs. thank you so very much

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