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Happy Lymphedema Awareness Day!


March 6th is Awareness Day for us lymphies, a day to honor and celebrate all who are living and coping with the disease. It’s also a day to show the world that this is no longer a rare condition, and that we need proper treatment, coverage, and support.


How can you participate?

  • Show your support by wearing turquoise or a butterfly, the official colors and symbol of lymphedema.
  • Post on Facebook or Twitter about Lymphedema Awareness day to start a discussion about living with lymphedema and the care we need.
  • Tell a fellow lymphie that you appreciate the courage they’ve shown in living with their disease.
  • Write a letter to your insurance company to appeal denial of coverage.
  • Write to your Senator to get a resolution passed that will make March 6th the official day of awareness.
Enjoy today – prop your feet up and relax! You earned it, lymphie.

6 comments on “Happy Lymphedema Awareness Day!

  1. Julie Bauer

    I LOVE that ribbon!!!! Where did you get it? Lovely……

  2. Thanks for spreading the word and advocating for others to join! You’re super-inspirational with your dedication to this blog! : )

  3. i never knew there was an awareness day for lyphedema, which is great as not many people know what it is , im a 19 year old girl with lymphodema in both legs and it took me 3 years to be diagnosed as none of my local doctors had ever heard of it!

    • It’s astonishing how few doctors know! I had a similar experience when I had lymphorrhea– it was awful, I felt hopeless. Luckily there was a lymphedema center where I lived so I was able to get proper attention for it!

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