Here in Vermont, we’ve been having extremely fickle weather: last week was full of beautiful sunny days in the 40s and 50s, but last night we got a nice snowfall. I’m glad that it snowed, because I love the cold weather. The town looks so beautiful covered in snow, too – like a little snow globe.

This fluctuating weather has been making me antsy because it’s reminding me that spring is just around the corner, which is alright except for the fact that summer comes shortly after, and that means shorts and bathing suits and open toed shoes, not to mention the heat and humidity! I’m dreading it, bad. The warm weather is the most important time to wear compression garments, but it’s also the most inconvenient and conspicuous.

Today I cleaned out my closet and dressers, putting aside clothes to donate. I saw my pairs of shorts and I got nervous about wearing them this summer. I have some linen pants and long skirts but not enough to rotate through a whole summer. I’m trying not to feel so limited, but as you all know, it can be difficult. I started poking around online and found some cute palazzo pants and maxi skirts, so maybe I can boost my wardrobe and my confidence with some new clothes.

Lymphedema Girl has a super helpful post on her blog about shopping for lymphie-friendly clothing, and I think it’s a resource worth sharing. Check out her post here, where she gives a list of things to look for as well as some links to online stores of interest.

How do you feel about the warm weather approaching? What do you do in the summertime in terms of confidence and comfortable clothing?