Hey, everyone. I am so sorry for the lack of updates lately – we have no internet access in my apartment and so the only way I get to post and check my email is through my phone. We should be getting internet back soon, but in the meantime there will be a sort of hiatus. I will try to post some little things when I can!

How have you all been doing? The heat in Baltimore has been a nuisance for my leg. I have been more swollen than I’ve been in months and I hate it. And summer has just begun!

I have a few ideas for upcoming posts once I get internet access again: sunburns and tanning, insect bites, and short shorts. What do you think? What would you like to discuss?

Alright, lymphies – I’m off! I encourage you to comment and let me know how you’re doing, and what you’d like to see discussed on the site! Much love always!

Alexa is a writer, book hoarder, and cat enthusiast from Baltimore, MD. By day, she works in the marketing and communications department for a large health system; by night, she runs The Lymphie Life. Learn more about her here!

3 comments on “Apologies!!

  1. Don’t I know how you feel. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that terrible heat and humidity – and it’s only MAY?! It’s been still snowing and raining here in Colorado this month, but the heat’s coming. It always does.
    I went to Cancun (not quite the same as Baltimore, I’ll admit) last month and it was so hot and humid! The leg blew up after a few days and was really bad the last full day when we went inland to some ruins (it was worth it, though). Ever waded in the surf with a Juzo garment toe to waist and had sand pack in between the garment and bottom of your foot? Lots of fun to get it clean, I’ll tell ya that. But it’s better than watching the waves from the balcony.
    You’re right, avoid sunburns. And bug bites are really hard to avoid. I’ve found that the less swelling I have the less likely I am to get bites and cuts that become problematic. Do what the NLN suggests: keep your leg clean, doctor every bite and scratch with antibiotic ointments, band aids, stuff like that.
    And remember, it’s summer. You can’t live your life and avoid all that outdoor fun. But you can keep your swelling down (what do you do over night to reduce the swelling?), treat scratches/cuts/bites immediately, and have you considered spraying insect repellent on your leg in the morning before you go out, before you don your garment? Or an insect repelling lotion? Something from Burt’s Bees (maybe?) with no DEET?
    Good luck. But don’t hide. Go play. Wear your garments; to hell with the looks and the questions you might get. Stare back at them. Ignore them. Give them a funny answer. This is our life, people. Our life. Try not to let the sensitivity over how we look take away from our own life. Get out there and live it on our terms, not theirs.
    And if you want a drier climate, come West. We’ll put you up for a week or two when the weather gets real bad back there. A lymphedema doc here in Denver said the dry climates are the best place for “lymphies”. Few bugs and dry climate keeps the skin surface from festering infections.

    • Jim, can I just say (at the risk of sounding completely cheesey) that you are such an inspiration to me. To everyone! I admire how you do all these things – travel, go swimming, be active – without letting your lymphedema get in the way of it. You’re living, man. You’re really doing it, and I love it, and I want to do it, too!

      Also: I like the idea of going to a dry climate. That’s partly why I went up north for college – Vermont is mostly cold, and the summers aren’t as humid as my home in Baltimore. After college.. I’m not sure where I’ll end up. I haven’t been West but I am definitely interested in visiting Washington, Colorado, Arizona.. any of those would have dream climates for lymphedema, I think!

      My compression garments are in Vermont and not with me, but I’m thinking about treating myself and getting one of those colorful Juzo ones. I definitely need to be wearing one, either way. As it stands, I’m only wearing compression at night. I feel slightly hypocritical not being more militant about my management yet writing about it on my blog – nobody’s perfect, though!

      Hope you’re doing well! As always, it’s great to hear from you!

  2. Alexa – I don’t Twitter. Never seemed worth the trouble. Plus I can’t say “Hi!” in less than 140 words. Haha.
    I’m glad my posts help someone: you or others who read your blog. I’m just out here living my life every day, fighting the encroaching LE and it’s terrible emotional and physical affects.
    Hope you survive the heat. My LE massage therapist said swimming or even walking in the pool makes a big difference with LE. You probably know that.
    Gotta run. Be good (my late Mom’s message to me always).
    And thank you for the kind words.

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