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  • In a “mood”

    In a “mood”

    Hello, lymphies.. I’m in what I like to call “a mood” tonight, where I feel particularly down-and-out. I’ve been feeling a little depressed these couple days about my lymphedema. I worry that I don’t do enough to manage mine, and that it will get worse over the years – that it’s out of my control.…

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  • Body Image

    Body Image

    Today kicks off this year’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and I thought it would be a perfect time to discuss the issues of body image and lymphedema. Body image is something that everyone deals with, but those with lymphedema are especially susceptible to having body image issues. This is something that needs to be…

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  • Happy Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I hope you spend the day with the people you love and who love you, too! :) xxox Alexa

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  • I’m still here!

    I’m still here!

    Hey, everybody! I’m soo sorry I haven’t posted in a while – things have been super busy lately with school and such. I know it’s not an excuse, but I want to let you know that I’m serious about keeping up this blog and adding lots of cool stuff, like tips and tricks on living…

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  • Video Blog: Hi from Alexa!

    Video Blog: Hi from Alexa!

    Hey, everyone! I wanted to leave you a little video message to prove that 1) I’m a real person, and 2) that I’m dedicated to this blog and to helping people with lymphedema feel less alone. I’m sorry that I kind of ramble a lot.. this was filmed on a Sunday morning (like an hour…

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  • Alcohol + Lymphedema

    Alcohol + Lymphedema

    Hey, everyone! There are a lot of do’s and don’ts that come along with lymphedema, but probably one of the more annoying ones is the effect of alcohol. Alcohol has a diuretic effect, which stimulates the kidneys to excrete more fluid. Let’s not forget to mention the expanding blood vessels, which increase the amount of…

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  • Getting Personal

    Getting Personal

    Hey, all. Living with this disease has not been easy. Growing up, I always knew one of my legs was bigger than the other – we just didn’t have a name for it yet. I wasn’t diagnosed until my sophomore or junior year of high school, when one of my mother’s friends came over. She…

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  • Hello, world!

    Hello, world!

    My name is Alexa. I’m starting this blog about lymphedema, where I’m not only going to talk about my own journey with the disease but post other news and information about it, too. I hope for this to be a place of support and awareness, where people can learn about and discuss what it’s like…

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