How many times have you struggled with managing your lymphedema at the office, or wrestled with how to pack your compression pump while travelling?

Managing our lymphedema away from home can be a true conundrum for us lymphies. But it’s a conundrum to which Gemma Levesley, a Product Design student from the University of Leeds, is trying to figure out a solution.

Levesley is carrying out her dissertation project on lymphedema management, specifically designing a product to help people better manage their lymphedema when at work or travelling.

“My aim is to design a product that addresses some of the challenges and struggles that people with lymphedema face at work and during travel,” explains Levesley. “My hope is that the final product will help people with lymphedema by promoting better self-management in these environments.”

The project goes beyond her university work, though: Levesley is a lymphie herself.

“As someone who has lymphedema, this is an area of research that I am really passionate about and deserves more recognition,” says Levesley.

“I want to ensure that people with lymphedema are at the heart of the project, which is why I am reaching out to the lymphedema community for your valuable insights and experiences.”

How you can help

The project is still in its early stages: Levesley designed a survey to gather feedback from the patient community and best understand their needs. (I took the survey myself the other day. It was super quick, just a series of questions about my experiences managing my lymphedema at work or during travel.) Eventually, she’s planning to organize an online focus group to discuss concept designs with patients and therapists.

“If you have 5 minutes spare, I would really appreciate your help by completing this survey,” says Levesley. “Thank you!”


If you have any questions or would like further information about the research, Levesley invites people to contact her at