Disclosure: I received one complimentary bracelet to review on The Lymphie Life. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions expressed here are my own honest impressions of the product!

We lymphies come with a lot of care instructions for our affected areas: no injections, no blood pressure cuffs, no blood draws.

We know the rules, but oftentimes other people don’t. Medical ID jewelry is a good way to alert essential parties to our lymphedema, but the pieces can look so… well, medical.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a medical ID jewelry company called Sticky Jewelry. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, StickyJ has been in business for almost 20 years and have fulfilled over 500,000 orders and counting. They offer high quality jewelry for women, men, and children, with new styles added every month.

When they asked if I’d be interested in doing a review, I took one look at their products and didn’t even hesitate before responding: “yes!”

The Product

StickyJ is medical alert jewelry that doesn’t look like medical alert jewelry. Although they do offer the more traditional medical alert bracelets, the majority of their inventory are fashionable pieces available in practically any material and style: stainless steel, sterling silver, gold, leather, fabric and silicone, wrap bracelets, and beaded bracelets. I’m not exaggerating when I say there seems to be something for everybody and every mood or occasion.

Many of their customizable medical tags offer two-sided engraving (click here for more info on their engraving options); I’d recommend engraving “Lymphedema Alert” and indicating your affected area along with “No BP” or “No Needles.” Be sure to check with your doctor or lymphedema therapist for their recommendation on the language you should have engraved on your ID before you order, though!

Click the photos to enlarge. (For reference, my bracelet is six inches in length and the tag one inch.)

My Impressions

When I opened up my package and slipped the bracelet from its little jewelry pouch, I gasped. Not trying to sound dramatic — I was just so surprised and delighted to see a medical item look that pretty!

I was sent their Queen of the Nile beaded bracelet, with a gold-plated heart tag. The one inch tag has a polished finish, with “Lymphedema Alert. No Needles/BP. Right Arm” laser engraved on the back. (For the purposes of this review, the tag identifies upper-extremity lymphedema.)

The bracelet is high-quality and very well made. It’s even more stunning in real life than in the photos online, and pairs beautifully with my everyday jewelry. I’ve gotten compliments on it almost every time I wear it, followed by shocked looks when I say, “Thanks — it’s a medical ID!”

But that’s what I really like about my StickyJ: its main function as a medical alert is discreet. It carries important info but it doesn’t announce it to the world, because it doesn’t look like medical jewelry. I don’t feel self-conscious wearing it. Instead, I feel sophisticated and fashionable.

Another thing I really like about the bracelet are its lobster clasps, which make it easy to switch out the tag should you buy multiple bracelets. Most of their beaded bracelets are interchangeable like this, giving you countless options to change up your look or even attach an extender if need be.

My bottom line? Medical alert jewelry can be essential, but their lack of style doesn’t have to be. These bracelets are gorgeous, and are a great way to inform medical professionals or EMTs of your lymphedema and “special care instructions” in case of an emergency.

These are especially ideal for those with upper extremity lymphedema, as there are so many standard procedures done on the arm that are risky for lymphies.

Whether you have lymphedema or a food allergy or any other medical condition, StickyJ is an essential accessory to your everyday look!

Interested in a StickyJ piece? Be sure to check out their website to shop their countless options. StickyJ offers free shipping in the United States, and a price match guarantee. They’re also incredibly fast: from the moment the order is placed, it’s engraved and shipped out within three days!

StickyJ also ships internationally to most countries — check their FAQ for details.

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