Disclosure: I received one free Jobst Relax to review on The Lymphie Life. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions expressed here are my own honest impressions of the product!

When I first saw the Relax last autumn before it’s official launch, I thought it was totally different than anything I had seen before. After wearing it for a good couple months now, the initial impression of novelty has evolved into genuine appreciation, as the Relax has become the garment I never knew I needed.

This latest compression tech from Jobst is not quite a nighttime garment, and it’s not quite a daytime one, either: it’s more of a lifestyle garment. That’s what I love most about it, because it fits whatever need you may have for it.

The Product

Just one look at the Relax and you can tell it’s different from most custom garments out there because of its unique material.

Flexible, lightweight, and thin, the Relax is flat-knit with COOLMAX® yarns that encourage air flow, giving the material a refreshing breathability that I haven’t felt before with other garments. Its soft but textured surface creates a micro-massaging effect to stimulate lymphatic flow, and its monofilament spacer layer provides cushiony comfort.

It’s a custom garment, which means you’ll need to be measured by a garment fitter before ordering. Currently, the Relax is available in both upper and lower extremity styles (armsleeve with or without gauntlet; knee high; thigh high) and offers the option to include an integrated zipper for easier donning and doffing.

Because it’s flat-knit, it provides consistent gradient compression that’s available in both compression class 1 (15-20 mmHg) and class 2 (20-30 mmHg), making it a great option for patients with mild to moderate lymphedema in the maintenance phase.

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My Impressions

You know when you get home from a long day, and you kick off your shoes and swap your constricting work clothes for comfy sweats? Wearing the Jobst Relax is like that: it’s the sweatpants of compression, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Because I work at a computer and am a full-time student, I sit a lot. After spending long hours at my desk, regular daytime compression tends to get really pinchy and uncomfortable, to the point where my leg goes numb with painful pins and needles. The Relax, though, has proven much comfier and way less restrictive — its lightweight, breathable material makes it so I almost forget I’m wearing a compression garment at all!

Like I said before: it’s a lifestyle garment, adaptable to whatever you need it to be. I wear the Relax whenever I’m around the house: Working from home? Wear the Relax. Just got back from a late night class? Get that Relax on, STAT! Spending a lazy weekend morning with a cup of coffee and my cat? I’m Relaxing, in every sense of the word.

Because it isn’t bulky, I’ve found it fits comfortably under lounge pants, sweats, or any loose-fitting pants; I can also wear it with my tennis shoes. I haven’t worn the Relax out of the house yet, but I imagine it’d be great for travel, especially if you’re sitting on a plane or in a car for hours.

The fit has been good, although sometimes it slips down to about mid-thigh during daytime wear and I find myself having to pull or tug it back into place. Regular washing helps address this, but I’ve heard a couple other people mention its “bagginess” at the top, too; they’ve spoken with the lovely people over at Jobst about it, as have I, so the team is aware of that as they continue to improve and develop the Relax!

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One thing I’m not super keen on is the foot length: the garment cuts off a little below my toe line, which exacerbates what’s already a problem area for my swelling.

When I wear my Relax during the day, I often pair it with my Jobst Elvarex toe caps to make sure my puffy toes are getting the compression they need. This works beautifully for now — us lymphies are masters of the art of creative problem solving, after all!

As for nighttime wear, it’s proven to reduce my swelling about the same as the Solaris Tribute I’ve been wearing for the past five years. The Relax is so much slimmer and more breathable that I’m honestly hardly even cognizant of wearing overnight compression. Trust me: there’s been many a night where I wake up, overheated and drenched in sweat, only to peel off my Tribute in a desperate attempt to get comfortable; I’ve yet to get overheated like that wearing the Relax.

Due to the aforementioned foot length issue, though, the top of my foot and my toes feel a little swollen the morning after a Relax night. Because I don’t like wearing my toe caps overnight, I still opt for my trusty (albeit bulky) Tribute most nights in order to get the compression coverage I need.

Here’s a visual comparison of the two:

My bottom line? The Relax is an excellent choice for patients who are looking for something comfy without sacrificing effective compression. It’s a great alternative to the usual bulky nighttime garments or bandaging, while also offering a welcome reprieve from the more restrictive daytime garments.

Now, remember: this is just my personal opinion based on my experience with the product, and my lymphedema and its treatment needs may be different from yours. When reading reviews, it’s important to be mindful that what works for one person may not work for you, and vice versa.

It’s also worth noting that the Relax is still a relatively new product, so it’ll only continue developing and improving as time goes on. It’s limited to leg and arm styles for now, but it’s likely that more options will be coming down the pipeline soon. If you like the Relax but it doesn’t quite fit your needs, let them know! In my experience, the Jobst team are super open to feedback — they want to hear what you think, so they can continue to improve their products to better serve the lymphedema community.

Interested in the Jobst Relax? Be sure to visit their site for more information or check out their list of distributors to find Jobst products near you. As with anything regarding your lymphedema treatment, chat with your lymphedema therapist or garment fitter about your options first!

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Sorry — I couldn’t write a post about a product called the “Relax” and NOT include a Frankie Goes to Hollywood reference! ;)


Do you wear a Jobst Relax? What are your impressions?