Another big milestone, lymphies…

Yesterday, I bit the bullet: I donned a dress and pulled on my garment and, taking a deep breath, stepped out the door.

Yesterday, I did something I’ve been gearing up to do for a while: I wore a dress with my compression garment! And I have the photos to prove it, too:


I’ve been hoping to do this for a while although working up the courage to finally do it was a struggle. I had been wearing pants and long dresses all year, but with the weather starting to warm up here in Arizona, I didn’t want to suffer from the heat anymore due to my own self-consciousness. So yesterday I bit the bullet: I donned a dress and pulled on my garment and, taking a deep breath, stepped out the door.

I wore the garment all day on my busy college campus and only three people asked about my leg, which genuinely surprised me. When they asked what was “wrong” with it, they did so with genuine concern and were happy to learn about lymphedema. Most people acted as though they didn’t even notice the garment; it felt like an episode of The Twilight Zone because it was so different from my usual experience when wearing it out in the open like that. There were no stares, no discomfort – just general acceptance. It was great!

I’m lucky to be a part of a college community where people are so accepting of differences, because that helped me feel really comfortable wearing my garment. My next step is to wear it out in public, downtown, but that might take a little more gumption. I’m working on it, though – one garment-clad step at a time!


Have you had any milestones lately?

9 comments on “Another big milestone, lymphies…

  1. That is fantastic… It will make you feel so free… And surprising that most people do not notice… It is all about us worrying!! So happy for you 😃😃

  2. Shameika

    Congratulations! I, too, wear my compression garments outside. It took YEARS for me to gain the courage to do this, and I now feel so liberated! Congrats again!

  3. Jim Miller

    Well, Alexa, you KNOW what I’m going to say: you are a champion. Congratulations. I am SO proud of you for taking these steps toward independence and freedom.
    And you know, we have to keep reminding ourselves that we see our condition so differently than our friends and the public – we are always aware of these garments but the people around us don’t always notice. And as you saw, only three well-intentioned people asked you about it. Oh, I feel so good for you.

  4. Jim Miller

    Oh, wow, and sandals too! Woo Hoo!

  5. Dawn, RN

    I am so excited for you and each step you take in leading your life instead letting circumstances lead you. Please know a are her if you need anything…Stay elevated and keep moving forward. Dawn, RN

  6. You look great!!! It is surprising that people really don’t notice. I also wear compression on one of my legs. Summer in Texas is way too hot to bother with hiding it! Congrats! Keep up the confidence!

  7. Dale Kerr

    Good for you!
    I am not a young person who should be concerned about my appearance anymore(45 year old male). Yet I too always foolishly have hesitation when donning my stockings with shorts. So, so foolish.
    As I work in construction, I am constantly getting abrasions and cuts no matter how hard I try and protect myself.
    Well this year finally after years of neglect, it has caught up to me. My joints feel it and I am losing sensitivity in my right foot.
    I stumbled upon your blog last night, after explaining to a good friend that beer was not so good for my lymphadema, and he asked why? Well I could not answer the question clearly, so came home and did a google search and found your blog.
    Thanks for being smarter than me at such a young age, and for having the courage needed to speak about this issue.
    I have had primary lymphadema since puberty, and as mentioned in previous posts, it was not truly addressed until 10 years ago, and as it was dismissed as no big deal, I suffered through it.
    Now as a 45 year old adult, it is catching up to me.
    So again congrats to you and take care of yourself now so you may enjoy a full life and I can read more from you!

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