Last week I decided to spread a little lymphedema awareness, and, with the help of my friends at SleekSleeves, I donned a stylish sleeve on my arm for a day. I don’t have lymphedema in my arm – I have it in my leg – but I wanted to experience what it was like to wear something so visible. I wore it to my retail job, where I do a lot of customer service working at the register; it was a good place to give the sleeve some exposure and to see if and how people would react to it.

alexa sleeksleevesMost people thought it was a tattoo and commented on it, but a lot of people didn’t say anything at all – just stared, averting their eyes once they caught me catching them looking at my arm as I handed them change. To the ones who did say something, I explained that no, it wasn’t a tattoo, that it was a cover for a medical garment. I then explained why one would need said garment and what lymphedema was, and handed them my business card. It was a positive experience: they left learning something new, and I felt good about spreading some knowledge!

The sleeve itself was super comfortable. I wore a full-length sleeve in the “Wildflower” pattern on my right arm. The fabric was light and breathable, and the elastic wasn’t too tight at all, the sleeve staying in place throughout the entire day. Despite not having lymphedema in my arm, I plan on wearing both of my SleekSleeves for a little added warmth and style with my shirts this winter!

The sleeves are great for more than just lymphedema wear: one can wear them to cover athletic braces, insulin pumps, tattoos, surgical scars, or PICC lines. They’re also nice for added warmth during a run or workout, and come in a variety of colors and patterns to complement any outfit or mood. They come in child’s sizes, too, as well as styles for legs.

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