The Lymphie Life Online Store is open for business!

These products are guaranteed to start conversation and help spread awareness about a medical condition that affects millions worldwide.

Have you been to the Lymphie Life’s online store yet? Treat yourself or a beloved lymphie to some cool merchandise and get in on that lymphedema swag:

Check out the store for these and other products today!


6 comments on “The Lymphie Life Online Store is open for business!

  1. Julie Bauer

    Girl, you are sooooo amazing! Such a brave heart and killer spirit. I am the person who just battled head and neck cancer. I have lymphedema in my face. The worse part for me is that it also resides in my throat and causes my vocal chords to be all swollen. No MLD for that I’m afraid. That wouldn’t be so bad but I am (was) a jazz/musical theater singer. I have to say that sometimes I feel guilty… I think to myself that if it were just in myarm or in my leg. Then I wouldn’t look the way I do and I could still sing. Thank you for your terrific blog. I know you inspire people – you do me! ~ Jules

    • Jules! First of all – I remember you from your previous comments. You, the courageous and strong woman! You have been through so much – YOU inspire ME : )

      I’m sorry you can’t sing anymore.. your situation sort of reminds me of Beethoven, who was deaf yet continued to play the piano. Are there ways you can still be involved in the jazz community? I know it’s not exactly the same but at least you’d be a part of things.

      You have been through a lot, but you know what? You’re still here. You’re a fighter, Jules, and that’s really something to be proud of! Thank you for being a part of the Lymphie Life community.

      • Julie Bauer

        I’ve been making some “cussin’ out cancer” bracelets – people really like them – for adults! They have super nice crystals/beads any colors some with butterfly beads and in alphabet beads say f*ck*cancer! Gotta have a sailor’s sense of humor!! haha!

  2. I really like the tshirts, Alexa! Especially the pink one, with the “Stay Elevated” text. Are you still planning on making swag with The Lymphie Life logo with the butterfly? That one was so cool.

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