Submitted by Melanie, August 2012.

Hello :) My name is Melanie and I am from Canada. 3 years ago we discovered that I had primary lymphedema in both of my legs, specially the right one. It started around 13 years ago. I didn’t know what it was and I guess I didn’t want to know at the time; I thought it was because of my weight problem. Because my right leg was getting so big, I decided to see a lymph massage specialist. She then told me that we had to do something or else it will get bigger and bigger… I spent almost 3 months wrapping my legs to get them smaller and evacuate the fluid. My family played a big part in my treatments – they were there all the way. Since then my legs are now better than ever, although I still have some work to do. I have lost over 100 pounds, and go to dance cardio 2 days a week. Last week I bought my first dress and got another one yesterday. On the 23rd of August I went to a lymph conference; I was excited to show off and see my therapist lol. I am so proud of myself :) I take one day at a time and try my best to get better!!

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