Submitted by Donna S., August 2012.

I am 34 years old and 2 1/2 years ago my left leg started to swell.  I was and still am a keen fitness fanatic and was always self conscious about my weight even though I was a size 10.  At the time I was single.

I went to the doctors several times about it and I was told that it was just a sprain and was put on a course of directics.  It wasn’t until around 8 months later and several vists to my GP that I was referred for numerous tests.  I was finally diagnosed in January 2010.

The day before my final diagnosis I had met a lovely man and then finding out that I had Primary Lymphoedema I felt like my world had ended.  How would this man love me if he were to find out?  After getting to know him I decided a week later to tell him.  Well we are now living together and have a 10 month old gorgeous little boy called George.

I have my good days and bad days, days when I feel “why me?” and when my leg is at its worse I feel moody and tearful.  Chris always says never look on the negative but look at the positives and to be honest I feel almost glad this has happened to me.  I am not self centred anymore or obsessed about my weight…. Life is for the living, so long as I can walk I’m grateful.  My left leg is slightly bigger than the right BUT it’s my leg, part of who I am and I still love it.  I still have bad days but my family get me through …. Chris, my baby George and my lovely mum and dad and I love them all x

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