While at Rite Aid today, I picked up yet another pair of diabetic relief socks. I’ve got three pairs now: in beige, white, and black. I cannot stress enough how comfy these are! They’re nice and warm, too, with a nonrestrictive band at the top and a cushioned sole for added comfort.

These socks are designed for diabetics, but they are awesome for lymphies to wear, too. This particular brand is Pure Care, but honestly I don’t really look at the brand when picking these up; I test the top band to make sure it’s soft and loose, and that’s pretty much it. That’s the best feature of these socks: they don’t feel tight at all, and they don’t leave those nasty band marks like other socks tend to do. They’re also specially designed to draw moisture away from the skin, so that your feet stay drier – another plus for lymphies.

Next time you’re out and about, I suggest you look for a pair of these. They’re inexpensive and extremely worth it, and can be easily worn on top of your compression garments, too. What more could you want! : )

Have you ever worn diabetic socks before? What’s your experience with them? What other sort of socks or shoes have you found to be most comfortable for your lymphedema?