Happy November, Lymphies! Can you believe we’re already a week into the new month? (I’m sorry for the lag in posting – I’ve been sick for the past week and haven’t been doing much of anything aside from watching Lifetime movies and napping.)

Today’s Cheer up! music is a song by Ingrid Michaelson. I’ve always liked this song; it’s a moment of clarity in the wake of a depressed period, a surge of confidence and lightness. It’s an acknowledgment of our pasts and our problems, but also an affirmation that things will get better. Michaelson seems to be saying that despite all those supposed limitations, we gotta put on our big girl (or boy) pants and move forward. At least that’s my interpretation!

I love the video, too, because it’s like a visual metaphor of what it means to have a support system. So, in addition to the encouraging message in the lyrics, there’s that literal interpretation of friends and family supporting you. What a lovely, lovely thing! :)

What do you think this song means? What does the beginning of a new month mean for you?