Hey, lymphies! I hope you’re enjoying this chilly October weekend. I have a couple updates to share with y’all:

“Faces” Project

The Faces of Lymphedema Project is something I started in January to celebrate Lymphies beyond their lymphedema, and to help the community get to know each other better. I finally received a submission to the Faces project, from the lovely Laura Sfiroudis. I encourage you to check out her story, and learn about this wonderful, ambitious young woman who studies health, loves to travel, and is a budding chef.

I would love for the rest of you to submit your stories to me to share on the site! If you’re interested, you can send a short biography and a photo (optional) to facesoflymphedema@gmail.com. For more information, click here.


I am still collecting donations for the Lymphatic Research Foundation. So far we’re 20% of the way to the $2,500 goal. Please donate if you haven’t already; even a donation as small as $5 can help! Pass the link on to your family and friends, post it to your Facebook or Twitter – get the word out! All the donations go straight to the Lymphatic Research Foundation, to help further research of lymphedema and other lymphatic diseases.

The link is https://lymphatic.ejoinme.org/thelymphielife. Thank you – your help is much appreciated!!