Hey, lymphies!

Well, it’s that time of year again – back to school, that is. Today is my first day of classes; I can’t believe I’m in my third year of college already! I’m actually excited to be back, to see all my classmates and learn new things. I feel active and alive and a part of things again – much better than the stagnancy of summer!

Starting school is like starting a whole new chapter of my life. I like to see it as a challenge to better myself in as many aspects as possible – academically, mentally, and physically. I have a lot of big plans for myself this year! School-wise, I’m taking five courses, I’ve got an advice column in both the online and print editions of the school paper, and I aim to be on the Dean’s List again. Mentally, I’m trying to be more positive and proactive, as well as practicing mindfulness and intent with my actions. Physically, I am eating healthy, joining the Pilates class at school, and learning yoga from my friend. And, obviously, I plan on doing a lot with the Lymphie Life, writing heaps of informative and interesting posts as well as starting an online store. This year is a chance to start fresh and revamp, rejuvenate, renew, and I couldn’t be more excited. So much to do! I’m going to be quite the busy bee.

In weather news, the hurricane hit us yesterday, but it turned out to be pretty benign with a few toppled trees, but a lot of flooding. Vermont actually experienced the most flooding it’s had in a long time! I hope all the readers on the East Coast fared as well as we did up here. Today, it’s beautiful out. Sunny with a nice breeze, simply perfect. However, I am stoked for the cooler weather to get here! When it’s cold, it’s soo much easier on the lymphedema, don’t you think? Less swelling, plus it enables better camouflage of the compression garments because you’re wearing pants or leggings. Also, it’s just more comfortable! No sticky, humid heat. I have a better peace of mind when it’s cold outside.

How about you? What’s your favorite part about the fall? What are you looking forward to most?