New stockings!


I got my new stockings today! They fit great, and after a summer of no compression, it feels good to finally have some support again.

My stockings are Jobst custom Elvarex compression garments, and I got them though Comfort Care Medical. They’re knee highs, and they don’t slip despite not having the optional silicone band. They don’t seem like they’ll interfere too much with wearing shoes, which is a plus, and they are also discrete while wearing long pants or skirts. Not sure if I’ll be wearing them with dresses or shorts yet – we shall see, though!

So, whaddya think?


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  1. Nice! Mine are Juzo class 3 (or class 2, depending on how I think I’ll feel in them), knee high, size 1 short, off the shelf, from Comfort and Care, but my toecaps are Jobst Elvarex custom-made, class 1, and I usually wear Komprex pieces under them, with divets cut to follow the line of the metatarsals. Sometimes I use Kinesio tape instead of the Komprex but today I’ve got both–it’s so hot and humid most days now that my legs, ankles and feet need all the help they can get! Do you have toecaps? I can’t tell from the photos if your feet are severely affected.

    Why did you need the casts on your legs? Were they turned in? Mine were; my feet and ankles still are…and I can wiggle “tunes” with my knees, Morse-code style, without moving them…I like to sit with my legs all wrapped around each other, like Popeye’s girlfriend, Olive Oyl. Apparently my dad and his older brother (they’re very close) used to call me “the Pretzel.” The long and short of it is that I have hypermobility syndrome as well as primary lymphedema (and a bunch of other things). I wonder if people with HMS are at greater risk of LE than others…there’s been some discussion of LE on the EDNF (Ehlers Danlos National Foundation) list.

    How’s Baltimore? I should go back down some time. It’s a nice town, problems notwithstanding!

    • How do you like off the shelf garments? Do you find that they do the job well? I only have one pair like that, the rest being custom garments. I have a set of toe caps as well, although I don’t wear them that often (they pinch!).

      My legs were turned in when I was born, just like yours. I had casts as an infant and, unfortunately, the doctor wasn’t present for a lot of the treatment so there was a lack of consistency when the interns would replace the casts each week. Eventually, one was put on too tight, damaging my lymphatics. And so it goes!

      I’m sorry to hear about your HMS – that doesn’t sound like it helps to make living with LE any easier, and vice versa. But you’re a tough cookie, and your positive attitude really seems to buoy you up. I admire that a lot, Barb!

      Baltimore is HOT. I hate it, haha. It’s a lot nicer when it’s cooler, but then again I think pretty much anywhere in the world is nicer when it’s cooler. Aside from the smothering heat, it’s been nice! I’m making preparations to move back to Vermont this month, which I’m really looking forward to. Hope you’re doing well!

  2. Wow! Jobst Elavrex. Had some Elvarex years ago. But as I am from Germany I wear medi mediven 550 compression stockings. They are very popular here in Europe and the market leader in compression hosery.Did you every try one of these? You can get them in different color. Have to wear class 2 A-G thigh high or A-T hosery. Mine are mediven 550 and mediven mondi. Both are great. Customized with toecaps in class 3. Ugh… Wearing compression stockings in summer time is horrible – but no other option, as my legs would “explode” within a couple of days…

    best, Kristina

    • Kristina, sorry for this super late response!

      I would love to get some colorful garments. I wish more companies made them, because the options are so limited when you’re getting custom garments. I’ve got a few pairs of Mediven stockings as well, but they were in the regular black and nude colors. Boring!

      I’m so glad summer is over, because now I can wear my stockings without feeling so self-conscious (or over-heated). I hope you’re doing well!

    • Hello Kristina,
      can you please explain the difference between Mediven 550 and Mediven Mondi?

      I am waiting for the order from Wien, Austria (bstandig is the company which is selling them), custom made for my mother and was wondering which to order in the next shipment since they need to be replaced every 6 months.
      Thank you and wish you easy days! :)

    • hi Kristina, I realize you posted this years ago but I am having trouble with fit and getting on Medi 550 pantyhose, and since you have had 550 and the Mondi I was wondering if you could compare them for me. Wondering if the Mondi would be easier to get on and in place and then stay in place then the 550 that is so rigid. any comparison would be appreciated.
      Thank you, Nicole

  3. Mediven 550’s are made up to compression class 4. Mondi goes up to Class 3. In addition to this, Mediven Mondi is an open tow stocking and if you want a closed toe you have to specifically request it on the prescription. In regards to efficacy, I am yet to try Mediven Mondi but the 550s were very good when I used them.

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