The above video shows cancer survivor Adam Starr performing amazing backflips and gymnastic stunts – all with only one leg. In 2009, Adam had lost his leg to cancer. Fastforward to today, and he is an internet sensation, appearing on websites such as the Huffington Postthe Daily Mail, and Reddit – just to name a few.

I had met Adam Starr a couple years ago on a lymphedema internet forum, where we were among the handful of young adults active on the site. He had lymphedema in one of his legs pretty badly before his unfortunate development of cancer, and was constantly battling infections. The few times that we had spoken, though, he had always seemed to refuse to be inconvenienced by his leg. While he had lymphedema he was a diver, wearing his compression garments even as he swam in the pool. After his cancer, he continues to show this incredible resilience by staying active, quickly adapting to his prosthetic leg and continuing to live his life to the fullest extent.

Adam’s story is a great reminder for us lymphies to never let our condition get in the way of living a full and active lifestyle. Such a wonderful story! Thanks, Adam, for being such a vibrant and inspirational person, and congratulations on going viral!