A New Day

Today is a new day. The sun is shining over Lake Champlain, and the air is crisp and clear in my lungs. After a couple overcast, rainy days, it’s finally beautiful outside.

I feel better after my bout of strugglin’ the other night, partly due to the wonderful support and kind words I received from some of you. You all are so helpful and caring! It made me cry all over again just reading the comments. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I can’t express how much you helped me :)

The other day, I learned that it’s okay to feel a little down. Recognizing and acknowledging your feelings is important, but so is realizing the importance of working through them so that you can overcome them.

Be well, xxox.

Alexa is a writer, book hoarder, and cat enthusiast from Baltimore, MD. By day, she works in the marketing and communications department for a large health system; by night, she runs The Lymphie Life. Learn more about her here!

4 comments on “A New Day

  1. Hey, Alexa, I hope your paper went well, too. AND – what was the award your dad traveled up to see you presented with this weekend?
    You do great stuff.

    • Hi, Jim!

      My paper was admittedly not my best work, as most of it was written around three in the morning. I found out in class the next day that it actually isn’t due until next week – ugh! At least it’s out of the way!

      I received an award for my work in Creative Nonfiction (last semester, I had written a large piece about my time in treatment for my eating disorder). My professor gave a beautiful speech in my honor, and he even teared up a little! It was a really moving moment, and I’m glad my dad was able to be there for it.

  2. are you on linkedin?

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