It’s finally feeling like springtime, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! The weather is warming up, school is winding down, and I am walking around without my winter jacket. It’s beayoooootiful! I love it.

However, like I had mentioned a couple posts back, warm weather can bring about some challenges for us lymphies. Spring means it’s almost summer, which means swollen limbs galore. It also means I want to migrate north, away from the heat and back to the safety of the cold weather!

I hate feeling so self conscious, especially during what seems to be the most carefree and happiest of seasons. It only makes me feel that much more alienated and different. While my friends are reaching for short shorts and skirts, I am pulling on my linen pants and jeans.

What do you do during the warm weather? How do you cope with the unpleasantness of summertime and beat the heat?