Last Friday was my first appointment with a lymphedema doctor in almost three years. Yup, you read that right—three years.

The visit was more than a little overdue to say the least, but only because I had been living out-of-state for the last few years. Now that I’m back, I’m looking forward to making regular visits like I did in the past. I used to feel so much better when I was able to check in every couple months (and it was easier to stay up-to-date with my garments, too!).

Anyway, my doctor was glad to see me back. We chatted for a few minutes about how my leg has been doing, and I confessed that I had not been wearing a compression garment—just my nighttime garment—because the one I have is so old.

And it’s true: my stretched-out garment is no good anymore, having lost its compression years ago. It’s awful to have gone so long without one, and there really is no excuse for that, but… here I am.

“You better not be blogging and telling people to wear their garments if you’re not wearing one,” he said, teasing me.

“I know, I know,” I replied. “Every time I post a photo, people get on me about not wearing a garment. I really need to get a new one.”

My doctor nodded and began to examine my leg. He remarked that although it hadn’t gotten much bigger—even with my “slight noncompliance”—I definitely needed measurements taken for a new garment.

He gave me a couple options: either get measured right now as my leg currently is, or come in for a week of wrapping and get measured afterwards, once my leg has been reduced.

In the past, I’ve done month-long wrapping sessions to get my leg as small as possible before a custom garment fitting. This time, though, my doctor said I only need to wrap for seven days. “Think of it as a tune-up,” he said.

Hey, it sounds good to me!

So, tomorrow morning I’m going in for my wrapping appointment and I’m super excited to get started. My leg has felt so heavy lately and I’m ready for the relief that a compression garment will bring.

I’m also ready to shed this “do as I say, not as I do” thing that I’ve got going on recently. It’s time I get my blog life and my lymphie life re-aligned with one another!

Stay tuned, and stay elevated! xx

Me at my lymphedema center!
Me at my lymphedema center!