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Hair Removal & Lymphedema: Healthy Grooming Tips

Hey, Lymphies!

Hair removal is an annoying enough process as it is, but when you’ve got lymphedema, it’s important to take even more care around your affected areas. Any nicks or cuts can expose your limb to infection, which can create problems.

According to the National Lymphedema Network, the best hair removal technique is shaving. In order to ensure that the razor is clean, it’s important to replace the razor heads often. Also, it may be good to have a designated razor head for your lymphedema limb.

If your limb is too swollen to shave, it’s best to avoid shaving that particular area altogether so as not to risk any nicks or cuts.

Waxing, depilatories, electrolysis, and laser hair removal are not recommended, as they can damage your sensitive and already fragile skin. Waxing is especially dangerous, as it puts unnecessary heat on your lymphedema-affected tissues!

How about you? How do you deal with hair removal? Have you encountered any issues?

8 comments on “Hair Removal & Lymphedema: Healthy Grooming Tips

  1. When I was 15 or 16, about ten years before a doctor told me that the chronic swelling in my lower extremities was due to lymphedema, my mother gave me her electric Lady Schick. The doctor who gave me that information also told me there was no treatment for it (meaning lymphedema)….he knew enough to spell, pronounce and describe it for me but didn’t know of a treatment (?!)…there is of course an explanation for that: no one in the States was treating it; had he told me there was a treatment that had been developed in Germany, I’d have said “where’s the airport?!” How did Mom know I should use an electric? I’ve never known. I can only guess that she and my Grandma Lena, my dad’s mother, who had lymphedema, talked about it. They’re both long gone, and my father died two months ago (and could never acknowledge much about any of my medical problems), so I’ll never know. I took that Lady Schick to France the year I lived there, but the adaptor I also took with me (to use their electric system) didn’t work too well. I got a straight razor and used it VERY carefully, with pretty good results…most of the time. I couldn’t get the lymphedema officially diagnosed until nine years ago, so by the time I read about never using a straight razor, I had already learned that the hard way, but so many years earlier that the problems I’d encountered were more on the order of using a gazillion Band-Aids than of developing infections. Using an electric was so much easier than having to buy Band-Aids all the time that I gave up the straight before it could do me too much damage!

    • Thank you for this information. Just been told I have the condition. I will go and get an electic shaver. Sorry to here about ur dad.

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  3. Great review its always interesting to see other options thanks xx.. hair removal

  4. I used a depllatory creme when I was a teen, and that seemed to work, however, I felt uncomfortable with that method since it has chemicals in it. I never considered waxing as an option as that seemed too painful for anyone and because heat on our lymphedematous limbs isn’t a good idea. I developed cellulitis and experienced weeping of my skin (lymphorrea) after shaving my legs – both with a straight, disposable razor.

    Why take the risk of getting hurt or sick? When I shave, it’s with an electric shaver. As a result, I have peace of mind, and no worries.

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  6. Removing unwanted hair is essential in achieving that flawless look. There are different ways to get rid of unwanted hair. One of which is by using hair removal gadgets. Hair removal gadgets are safe, pain free and minimizes ingrown hairs, nicks and cuts you usually get from shaving.

    • Could you tell me what these hair removl gadgets are? Also can you use mainstream methods on leg NOT affected by lymphedema.

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