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  • Lymphedema vs Edema

    When I was in treatment for my eating disorder, the doctors warned me that I may experience edema as a side effect of the “re-feeding process,” meaning I may have some swelling in addition to the chronic swelling I already had with lymphedema. I was scared, because I thought it would permanently affect my leg – […] Read more

  • Cautious (but big!) Hope

    Some good news for breast cancer patients with secondary lymphedema: On March 6th – Lymphedema Awareness Day – researchers presented investigational pre-clinical data on the first potential pharmacologic agent used in combination with surgery for the treatment of breast cancer associated lymphedema (source). In layman’s terms, this team of researchers have gathered data that shows […] Read more

  • “Lymph Node Study Shakes Pillar of Breast Cancer Care”

    “Lymph Node Study Shakes Pillar of Breast Cancer Care”

    The New York Times just published an excellent article (read it here!) about a new study which shows that lymph node surgery for breast cancer is not always necessary. This is really important stuff because doctors have been removing lymph nodes for over a hundred years with the belief that it will help stop the […] Read more

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