Laura Sfiroudis


“My name is Laura and I’m from Flushing, NY. I recently moved to Pensacola, FL with my boyfriend who is a Student Naval Aviator with the Marine Corps. I currently work for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and am getting my masters degree in Public Health. One of my favorite things to do is travel. Even if it’s just for a weekend getaway, I love to venture out and see the world. My boyfriend is a private pilot, so we usually get to take our trips on little four-seater Cessna’s. I hope to be able to visit Australia and Japan some time in the future.

Aside from that, I have a new passion for cooking! Before I moved, my diet consisted of whatever was fast and easy, but now I love to experiment and use different recipe with a little twist! Its a way for me to be more conscious about what I’m eating and be creative with food.”

October 2011

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  2. Nice to meet you, Laura! Good luck with your studies! It’s great that you’re working to help people with chronic illnesses. My husband is orginally from Pensacola, and I used to live in Elmhurst, Queens. It’s a small world. : )

    • Wow! That is a small world! And thanks for the kind thoughts. Semester 1 or grad school is almost over ::thank goodness::

  3. Hi Laura. You emailed me in 2009 regarding a documentary I was planning on lymphedema, and I see that I never replied. However, I met an NYC student who has lymphedema within the last couple years, and your name rings a bell – was that you? Please write me. My brother and I are gearing up to actually make this documentary on lymphedema, and at the time you said you’d be interested in participating.

    • jane chandler

      Hi Jake

      I would be very interested in hearing about your documentary on lymphoedema, i have the disease and would be very interested in participating jane

      • Hi Jane! Thanks for writing I never did move ahead with the documentary, instead working on a storytelling performance. I still think a documentary is a great idea and I’d love working on creating one if I had a small team to work with. For now, this is the performance I put together. The video and sound are unfortunately sub-par but they get better as it goes.

    • Shari Johnson

      Hi Jake,
      I’m super interested in participating in your documentary on lymphedema also. I live in Montana and have primary lymphedema all over but primarily in both legs but manage to live a full active life in our beautiful mountain paradise.

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