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Julie Bauer

“People call me Jules for the most part.  I have a 12 yr old live in relationship with the most wonderful man named Ed and two cats – one a three legger!  For my ‘real’ job I work for the State of Maryland as a front desk receptionist.   On the side I am a jazz vocalist and also on occasion perform in local musical theater. In Oct. 2010 I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor near my vocal chords.  Chemo and radiation have deemed me disease free and I was very lucky to have been able to keep my voice box!  Most of the time the entire larynx is removed. I am still dealing with side effects from the radiation so my voice hasn’t come back entirely, meaning I can’t sing as of yet.  But I am optimistic that maybe by next year I’ll be back on stage.  After the removal of my lymph nodes in my neck I acquired lymphedema in my face and inside my throat.  It’s difficult as it’s disfiguring – but everyday it gets better and I’m hopeful that the swelling will eventually go away and just have to be managed now and then.  I love to cook, travel and of course sing and dance and I’ve performed all over the US, Germany, Honduras and Panama!  My life has been very blessed and though this past year was the hardest of my 49 years I feel very lucky, thankful and full of the love of life!”

January 2012

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