Allyson Hannah

“My name is Allyson. I’m Senior this year at Estes Park High School. I was born with primary Lymphedema in my left leg. I struggled with condition for many years but now it is part of me I accept, and embrace.  I feel that if we take the lessons this condition teaches us to expand our perception and depth we can become people capable of more than could have ever been possible without it. The hardships we have to overcome every day give us the opportunity for more compassion and strength.

I live in a small mountain town in Colorado that borders Rocky Mountain National Park. This may be why I have a passion to save the environment. I plan to go to college, hopefully at Colorado College (if I get accepted), and study environmental policy with the hope of later going into politics or law. I enjoy hands on projects. I love doing artsy things: baking, cooking, drawing, painting and pretty much anything else that involves using my hands. Other than that, I love to get out in nature. I try to involve myself as much as possible. I like service projects and helping the community. What kind of life are we living if we never strive in some way to make a difference?

Feel free to email me at if you want to hear further about my story. I would love to exchange!”

November 2012

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  1. you are a beautiful person and may your inner strength give you success in life

  2. Diane Lord

    Hi I have lymphodema too but I am older in Florida
    I was wondering if you could call me sometime as I need to find out places to be treated for Lymphodema in Estes Park and I thought you would be a great person to ask my phone number is 732-735-7733 and my email is
    I am hoping that Snow gets to you many thanks Diane who wants visited Estes Park I loved your photos of the lake you were blessed to grow up there

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